When you have an acute or chronic condition, a lot can change in your life. Coping with the condition can present many challenges. Sometimes it is nice to talk to someone, to get support from someone outside of your family and friends, to find relief and empowerment.

Why counseling at Re-charge?

As a coach and counselor, I have personal experience with health problems. I lived in uncertainty for years because the doctors didn’t know, and couldn’t find what I was suffering from. It took a long time before they finally could diagnosis me. This diagnosis has forever changed my life. It requires daily adjusting. This is why I know what it is like to cope with chronic illness.¬† I would like to support you on your journey.

Which topics can we work on during a counseling program?

A few examples:

  • Coping with uncertainty

  • Coping¬† with the misunderstanding of others

  • Coping with physical symptoms

  • Coping with pain

  • Cope with emotional complaints that arise as a result of the disorder

  • Cope with fear dealing with depression dealing with loneliness dealing with the loss of yourself

  • Stress management

  • Acceptance

  • Self-development

  • Cultivating compassion

Every counseling program is drafted personally according to your needs. We work on finding answers together, you are not alone!