What is life coaching?

Life coaching can help you identify your core values ​​(so what is really important to you),  allowing you to make more sensible choices and ultimately create a more effective, balanced, and satisfying life.

What is the main purpose of life?

The main principle of Life coaching is that a person is the expert of his own life. The life coach is simply a supporter in the coaching process and the goal is to let you discover what your personal “best” could actually be and achieving balance in life.

In which areas of your life can you be coached:

  • Social and family relationships

  • Careers and educational aspirations

  • Physical health, recreation & leisure

  • Routine obligations of life 

  • Return to society and contribution

  • Mental, emotional and inner well-being

What do you need to participate in a life coaching trajectory?

  • An open mind

  • Availability

  • Self-reflection

  • Awareness