The Netherlands is an internationally orientented country.  People from different cultures work to the Netherlands to work, for refuge, for love and many other reasons. Moving to a new country means new opportunities and also challenges, meeting people from different cultures and adjusting.

Expat coaching

Re-charge coaching and counseling offers expat coaching in different fields, e.g. stress coaching and life coaching. There are several other possibilities, depending on your wishes and development stage.

We understand it if you are not fluent in Dutch (yet) and that you prefer to speak your mother tongue when you talk about personal issues, therefore we offer coaching in several languages: Dutch, English, Spanish and Papiamentoe.

Best of both worlds
Your coach is a Dutch citizen, but she was born in a different country. She has experienced first-hand how to adjust to living in a different country. She has  knowledge and experience in dealing with Dutch culture, the Dutch labour market and working culture. Furthermore, she has both personal and professional experience in interacting with people from different cultures. She has training in multicultural and interpersonal skills.

What does a coaching program look like?
Each coaching program is tailor-made. Together with your coach you will plan your program in line with the specific questions and needs you have.

The orientation meeting
This conversation serves as an introductory meeting between you and the coach.

You and the coach will discuss:
– What goals you want to achieve and why
– What you want from the coaching program (when is the coaching program successful? What is your ideal situation?)
– Which approach or method fits best for your purpose

At the end of the conversation, you communicate with the coach whether the coach is a good match for you. If this is the case, you are ready to start your coaching program.

The coaching program
During your coaching program, you will work on your goals and competencies through discussions with your coach, reflection exercises and assignments. In consultation, it is also possible to take a test, for example a personality test.

Together with your coach you will:

  • Draw up an appropriate plan of action and put it into practice
  • Reflect constantly on the goals you set: are you on the right track?
  • After each session you will do exercises. The success of a coaching program depends on your own motivation and commitment.

Our coaches use techniques and methods such as Motivational interviewing, RET (Rational Effectiveness Training), Mindfulness, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Solution-Oriented Coaching, ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) and MMS-motivation management service.

Final evaluation
In the last meeting, you and the coach will reflect on the coaching program and the process. Did you achieve your goals? Where are you now and what do you still want to tackle in the future? If desired, you can schedule a follow-up call after a certain time, to get together and discuss how it is going.