Frequently Asked Questions


What is coaching?

The goal of coaching is to guide you in your personal development and growth in your life. Coaching is a form of professional guidance that consists of individual conversations in combination with exercises in which a coach can assist you to achieve your learning objectives. A firm belief of life coaching is that each person is expert in their own lives. A coach only facilitates and supports you to re-discover these skills and apply them to your life. Coaching helps you increase your self-knowledge and your self-steering ability and gain more control over the quality of life, health, personal life and your work. It will help you to deal more consciously, effectively and more relaxed with (difficult) situations your life.

What is counseling?

Counseling is especially healing in character and emphasizes the emotional aspects of problems and questions. You could compare counseling with a client-oriented and friendly form of psychotherapy. The characteristics and qualities of a counselor are openness, sincerity, respect, listening, empathy and especially non-directivity. A counselor can never tell you what to do, how to do it or to burden you with his or her advice. If you ask for it, you can receive advice on practical matters, but you’re always in charge and responsible for making your own decision.

 How does online coaching/counseling work?

Online coaching is a modern and useful coaching method. It is interactive, flexible, effective and cost-effective. You do not need to travel to a location and you can participate in any coaching session from your work or home. All you need is a fast and secure internet connection. I may ask you to download a couple of programs on the computer so that the information exchange is secured and confidential. The software programs are easy to download and use. There are no costs for downloading these programs. A good internet connection is important for smooth chat and video chat sessions. Furthermore, a good microphone and camera can be handy. 

What is the difference between a coach, counselor and a psychologist?


Psychologists are scientists, usually with specialization and authority to treat mental health conditions. A psychologist can help someone with emotional and psychological problems. Furthermore, a mental health psychologist may conduct psychodiagnostic examinations and can diagnose mental illnesses. Psychologists usually complete a graduate program (Bachelor and Master) and a post-graduate study program and training to get their license. In The Netherlands, a psychologist who has completed these steps is called Pscholoog BIG. BIG indicates the registration and license. The title depends on the specialization, so it can be either Clinical Psychologist, Child Psychologist, Occupational psychologist, etc. BIG psychologists work under strict regulations and protocols. In addition, their consultations are covered by most health insurance companies in The Netherlands. There is a large group of basic psychologist practicing, these psychologists can practice under the supervision of a licensed and experienced Psychologist who is qualified to give supervision.


A coach can assist you in the here and now and helps you to set goals for to future. The main goal of coaching is to support and stimulate you in your personal development and professional growth in your life. 


Counseling is comparable to client-oriented and friendly psychotherapy. A counselor is distinguished by his openness, sincerity, respect, listening, empathy and especially his non-directivity. This means that he/she will never tell you what to do, how to do it or burden you with his or her advice. If you ask for it, you can receive advice on practical matters, but you always make your own decisions.

Who is the coach/counselor behind Re-charge Coaching & Counseling?

As a coach/counselor, I like to help you to find your own solutions. I can assist with the development of insight, knowledge, skills and practical tools with which you can start immediately. Different methods are applied, for example, NLP, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, Positive psychology, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

I have a Master’s degree in Health Psychology, my official title is Basic psychologist, Msc.  I have broad knowledge and experience with regard to human behavior, especially concerning topics such as illness and health, prevention, health promotion, stress management, and lifestyle. Whilst working a psychologist, social worker and coach I’ve gained extensive experience. I do not offer therapy or treatment, because as a basic psychologist I am only allowed to treat patients with severe mental problems, under the supervision of a licensed, experienced psychologist. However,  I am able to provide coaching and a light form of counseling to clients.

I think professional development is very important, so I do have a supervisor and follow regular meetings with colleagues in the field to discuss cases, learn and grow. In addition, I follow workshops and classes in the field of psychology, counseling, and holistic health on a regular base.

What can you expect from a counselor or coach?

  1. A counselor/coach respects the client’s right to make his or her own decisions

  2. A counselor/coach treats everything that takes place between him and the client with respect and confidentiality

  3. A counselor/coach regularly analyzes and checks his own skills, experiences, and practice

  4. A counselor/coach does not misuse training, skills, experience, and position of trust in an emotional, sexual or financial sense

What distinguishes Re-charge from other practices?

Low-threshold, friendly, patient, professional and personal. These are the power characteristics of Re-charge Coaching & Counseling. As a basic psychologist, social worker, coach, supervisor and a person with a lot of life experience I have a lot of knowledge and experience about treatment methods, laws and regulations, nutrition and health. Every person is unique and his or her own needs, ideas, opinions and wishes, that is why every coaching or counseling plan is customized.

My core values here are:

  • Compassion

  • Solution-oriented

  • Integrity

  • Expertise

  • Connection

 How many coaching sessions do I need?

The duration of a coaching program depends on your goals. Overall coaching programs are short and can take around 6 sessions. Every session is 60 minutes. Depending on the addition of goals and wishes more coaching sessions are possible.

How many counseling sessions do I need?

The duration of a counseling trajectory depends on your needs and counseling goals. Thus this can differentiate for every person. An average of 5-10 counseling sessions would be a good start. Each session is around 60 minutes.

Where do the coaching/counseling sessions take place?

I offer online coaching and counseling. Zoom is used for the online sessions.

What is the frequency of the sessions?

The frequency of the sessions is planned and accommodated according to your schedule. I recommend to schedule sessions with an interval of two weeks, so about 2-3 sessions a month. This may provide you with enough time to process the information discussed during the sessions and to complete homework assignments.

 What are your office hours?

This depends. I’m pretty flexible when it comes to my working hours. If a client prefers to schedule sessions in the evenings, I can accommodate this, especially if the sessions are online. Because I have clients from all over the world, I also have to take the time difference into consideration.

Is the information discussed during sessions confidential?

The conversations are always confidential. A coach/counselor is not allowed to share information with third parties without your consent. If I think that you or the people in your environment are at risk, I will first discuss my concerns with you. Then if necessary, I can call the police, ambulance or professional that can offer you the adequate and necessary help and assistance.

Are you a licensed counselor and a member of a professional organization?

I have a Master’s degree in Health Psychology, my official title is Basic psychologist, MSc. I do not have a license and my consultations are thus not covered by local Insurance companies in The Netherlands.

I have completed several courses in coaching and counseling. I also have completed a coaching program with CCWZ to become a registered experienced coach. In addition, I am a member of the Complementary Therapists Association and adhere to their codes of ethics.

As a professional, it is extremely important to guarantee knowledge and professionalism. I am affiliated with the following organizations: Centre for Chronic Illness and Work, I’m a member of the Complementary Therapists Association. 

On my LinkedIn page, you can find more information about my professional background, accreditations, and diplomas.

 Can I cancel or postpone a session?

Of course, this is possible. Sometimes you may have to cancel or postpone a session. Please send me an email as soon as possible. If you cancel 24 hours before the appointment, the fee for the coaching or counseling sessions will be waived. If you cancel on the day of the appointment. I will, unfortunately, be forced to charge the fees and send you an invoice.

What are the rates/fees for a coaching session?

The rate for a coaching session is 75 euros per hour. A coaching session usually takes around one hour. This rate does not include  21% VAT, the session, a short report of the session and homework assignments. Additional costs will be charged if I have to travel. Depending on the chosen transaction method, PayPal,  credit card, banc transfer, additional costs will be charged for the transaction.

What are the rates/fees for a counseling session?

The costs for a counseling session is 75 euros per hour. A session usually takes around one hour. This rate includes the session, a short report of the session, homework assignments and a session recording. Depending on the chosen transaction method, PayPal, credit card or per Banc transfer, additional costs will be charged for the transaction.

How can I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, you can mail to or call +31 681738660. If you can’t reach me by telephone, please leave a message on the voicemail, clearly state your name and telephone number and I will call you back as soon as possible.

If I am not satisfied, where can I file a complaint?

According to Dutch Law for Complaints, Disputes, and Care ( WKKGZ law), all healthcare providers in the Netherlands are required to be a member of a dispute organization. All clients are entitled to good care. If you are not satisfied with the care you have received from the coach or counselor or if the coach/ counselor has engaged in malpractice, you can file a complaint. You can do this at “De Zorgprofessional, at

More information about WKKGZ:

If you have more questions, please send an e-mail or give me a call. I will be happy to answer all your questions.